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How To Steal A Kiss



I am surrounded by a table filled with women. All of them beautiful with glimmering eyes and inviting smiles. All of them potential conquests.

I am sitting back in my chair, relaxed and confident. I don’t speak often; it is not necessary as I let my eyes do the talking. My gaze slowly moves around the table from one beauty to the next. Each one its own affair. Each one its own little plot. I look deep into their eyes and caress their souls. I know I have overcome them when their bodies go limp, melting into their chairs. It thrills me to know that I have given them pleasure; that I have given them the hope of romance.

The band is playing now. I gesture for one of my beauties to meet me on the floor. We dance. Not too fast and not too slow. I dazzle her with my footwork. She dazzles me with her exuberance.

My attention is averted when I see another beauty. She is a stunning woman. There is an air of boldness around her. She moves gracefully like a princess. Her dance is seductive. She attracts the gaze of every chump in the bar, but they are no match for her. She is too skilled. She is too powerful. She is a temptress.

My temptress is accompanied by an older fellow. He has the look of a rich man but the mind of a fool. I can see it in his mannerisms, he is clumsy and awkward. Worst of all he is needy. He will never know the joy of giving a woman pleasure. He only exists to take for himself. He is not deserving of my sweet princess.

I continue to dance with my previous beauty, but my greed for love leaves me thinking only of the princess. Finally, I see an opportunity. The fool excuses himself to the restroom. I quickly seat my beauty and approach my target.

I come from the side and gently touch the back of her shoulder. She turns and looks into my eyes as if she has been waiting for this moment her whole life. I do not worry about what to say, the words aren’t important, it is the way they are conveyed that makes it seductive. I give her a backhanded compliment about her dancing abilities. She is taken aback, not used to this type of treatment. I entice her into some playful banter. She giggles at my brand of humor.

Enough of this talk. I only seek victory. I embrace the hand of my sweet and twirl her around. She allows me to move her body around the dance floor in the most elegant of ways. Our bodies synchronize. We are one. The world disappears. It is only us who exist. It is only us who inhabit this small area of floor.

I lock eyes with my siren. I have embraced her soul. Her powers are rendered useless. I pull her in close to me so that our noses touch. Our lips touch. Time stops. It is a simple kiss yet it is filled with passion. I can tell from her eyes that her heart is mine.

From the corner of my eye I see the fool approaching. I break unity from my sweet. He introduces himself. I have no knowledge of what he may have seen. Never the less, I befriend him. He is intimidated by my confidence. He knows that I am alpha to his beta. He supplicates and offers to buy me a drink which I accept only so that I can be alone with my love.

The fool proves not to be a complete idiot as he insists on keeping a watchful eye over us. It is no matter though for my eyes allow me to touch her body in ways that the fool will never understand. She knows what I am doing to her and she readily returns the favor.

The fool returns with my drink as if to bribe me from my intentions. It does not work. Seeing this, he only has one option, to get the princess as far away from me as possible. And so the fool and the princess retreat from the bar.

As she is being dragged away she looks back at me with her intoxicating gaze. She knows she will never see me again. I accept this knowing that we have already touched each other’s souls. It is over. I return to my table of beauties.

Source : Loveawake

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