Name Surname Organisation or Company name (if any) Type of organisation Title Acronym or Abbreviation Main Theme Abstract (max 50 words) Representative Logo (if any)
Francesco Longobardi Department of Chemistry - University of Bari “Aldo Moro“ university, institute or research center Apulian Food Fingerprint AFF Agro-food sector Apulian Food Fingerprint aims at the valorization of typical food products, by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Mass Spectrometry, and Electronic Nose characterization, defining the food fingerprints useful for the certification of quality
Andrea Rutigliano innovative company Tag the Fire TTF Hi-tech The “tag the fire” startup aims to satisfy the urgent need to protect all parklands from fires which irreparably damage the territory provoking a huge squandering of resources and undermining human lives as well as fauna and flora heritage.
Luciana Dini ALICE biosources s.r.l. innovative company Ozonated olive oil Hi-tech ALICE®.tif
Michele Fazio Skyline Technologies innovative company Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with remote control for precision farming activities, ground surveillance and environmental investigations UAV Agriculture Skyline aims to create mini unmanned aircrafts to increase the capacity and efficiency of the authorities responsible for the control and protection of territory in a versatile and economic way
Diana Petkova-Konetsovska BIOSVIAT-LTD innovative company The present is a future BRCW Agriculture The object of activity is the processing of different types of organic fertilizer through the California red worms for the production, packaging, sale and export of fertilizer, Biohumus and promote the benefits of organic farming for plants and soil. We h
Janko Selinšek Fundere d.o.o. innovative company Sold at the yard Agro-food sector Our focus is sold at the yard. We want to connect all the growers and producers in the country and the wider region. Included the promotion and placement in tourism.
Francesca Serio Quagrifoglio innovative company Basilidro: growing hydroponic basil in photovoltaic greenhouse Basilidro Agro-food sector
Rumyana Vitnyova Explorers innovative company Industrial production of beladona Beladona Agriculture
Ivona Velkova Explorers innovative company Production of healthy dandelion honey Dandelion honey Agro-food sector
Marjan Čeh individual innovator Natural honey flavours / flavours for brewing processes Production of natural flavoring substances in mild conditions of biological enzyme transformation and microbiological fermentation which enables organoleptic characteristics and complex composition of green aldehydes and esters (food & bevarage industry). Agro-food sector
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