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Strategies of agriculture and rural development
Creation of agriculture and rural development strategies of municipalities and local ommunities in Serbia
Institute of Agricultural economics is a scientific - research institute with long tradition which operates in the field of macroeconomic and microeconomic research.

Activities in the area of macroeconomic researches are:
- examination of prices parity in agriculture and food industry;
- calculation of production costs and production prices in agriculture;
- market research of agricultural and food products;
- regionalization of agricultural production and evaluation of conditions for production of organic and products with geographic origin;
- long-term strategies of integral development of local communities, municipalities, regions and Republic in total and their operationalization up to the level of development programs and projects;
- programs of socio – economic and environmental revitalisation of resources in rural communities;
- projects of rural infrastructure development and complex programs of rural areas organization;

Activities in the area of microeconomic researches are:
- programs and development models for family farms concerning structural changes in agriculture and in village on one hand, and measures of agricultural policy on other hand;
- estimation of capital value and defining programs of restructuring and development strategy of enterprises in agriculture and food industry;
- definition of firm market position and strategy of marketing activities;
- technological projects for agricultural production and food industry, pre-investment and investment studies and programs, feasibility studies and environmental impact evaluation;
- business plans;
- adjustment of existing system of quality ISO 9000:2000 series of standards, management of quality systems, certified system of quality management – ISO 9001:2000 annex applying HACCP concept, external review before the certification and surveillance process;
- establishing of environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14000 series of standards;
- preparation of accreditation laboratories regarding technical adequacy according to requirements of ISO/IEC 17025;
- establishing food safety management systems according to requirements of ISO 22000 standards;

Activities in the area of advisory services and education are:
- assistance in defining organizational scheme of agricultural enterprise;
- assistance in the process of establishing and work to agencies for rural development in different levels;
- staff education in economics and organization of agricultural enterprise and in agricultural production modernization;
- education in area of rural development to interested subjects in all levels;
- staff training in presentation of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14000, ISO 17025, ISO 22000 standards and HACCP concept;

Activities in the area of publishing, statistics and informatics support are:
- publishing and statistical data bases formatting for domestic users and international statistical publications;
- software assistance in planning and projecting to family farms, companies, producers associations, municipalities and other users in agribusiness and rural development.

- Development strategy of Mali Zvornik municipality, 2006
- Development strategy of Mionica municipality, 2007
- Development strategy of Beocin municipality, 2007
- The strategy of agriculture development in Tuzla Canton, B&H, for period 2009-2013, 2007
- The strategy of agriculture development of the city of Belgrade until 2015, 2007
- Development strategy of Brcko District, B&h, for period 2008-2012, 2007/2008
- The strategy of agriculture and agro - industry development on area of Pancevo municipality, 2008
- Competitiveness and comparative sustainable rural development of Istra and Kolubara region, 2008-2010
- The strategy of sustainable development of Apatin municipality, 2009
- The strategy of social - economic development of Bac municipality, 2009
- Development strategy of agriculture and rural development of Lajkovac municipality in period 2011-2015,
- Development strategy of agriculture and rural development of the Republic of Serbia for period 2010-2020, 2010.
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