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Organic beetroot juice
Agro-food sector
Biosil Ltd operates in the organic food industry.
Organic beetroot juice is produced by lactic acid fermentation. Fermentation is based on the principle of the dominant microflora. Once a fresh beet root juice is obtained - here used as a substrate - the culture of lactic acid bacteria (a mixture of multiple sorts) is added. This pure culture acts as a dominant microflora in relation to the existent microflora that the beetroot juice has. The dominant microflora determines the direction of the fermentation that is stimulated by the temperature in the fermentor. During the fermentation process, bacteria produces useful products such as lactic acid, various mineral and vitamin complex, and one of the most important is vitamin B complex. This process helps to avoid pungency that beetroot juice has. The advantage of this manufacturing process is that the anthocyanins were preserved, along with vitamins and minerals, and they have anti-cancer effect. Beetroot juice is also very good for treatment of anemia, since it contains plenty of iron and vitamin B12. Beetroot juice is also recommended for the treatment of liver, kidney and bile diseases. Due to its nutritive and healthy ingredients, the beetroot juice is recommended during and after chemotherapy.
The remaining of production of the beet juice are used as animal food through fermentation with micro organisms. The result of processed remaining is a product rich in proteins that can be used as it is or for preparation of various animal foods. An advantage of that food is that it contains vitamins and minerals from vegetables or fruits. The process of producing proteins with micro organisms for animal food can be used in various food industries, as well as in the wine industry, as an ideal ecological and economical solution.
The described process was awarded the gold medal at the World Innovation Fair for research and innovation in Brussels in 1990.

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