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Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology – FACT, Ltd.
Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology - FACT, Ltd. Is a high-tech company that intends to develop the system that will manage end-to-end protocols defined by food safety bodies.
European Union (EU) spends almost half of its budget on agriculture. This includes verification that food production is in accordance with numerous protocols defined by food safety bodies like European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) and European Phytosanitary Research Coordination (EUPHRESCO) in case of plant health. Currently these procedures involve a lot of manual, repetitive, and error-prone administrative paperwork lacking end-to-end efficiency.

Our goal is to develop a system that will manage end-to-end food safety protocols, expedite their execution, minimize waste of paper, and bring down the cost using the most advanced Information Communications Technology (ICT) such as smart phones, web enterprise applications, big data techniques, and cloud computing.

As collected historical data grow over the years, big data techniques and expert systems shall provide recommendations to farmers taking into account current and previous laboratory analyses and latest expert knowledge. Such a system is perfectly suited for implementation in a cloud computing environment. Customers shall not have to worry about system maintenance and shall always use latest knowledge and advices. Resource sharing, economy of scale, the pay-as-you-go model and rapid provisioning shall result in efficient resource utilization and reduced costs.

Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology Ltd. (FACT is a high-tech company whose principals jointly combine a unique diverse experience and proven track record in the areas of agriculture, ICT, business development, marketing, and corporate social responsibility necessary to tap into multi-disciplinary niche target market. Broad practical and theoretical experience that will enable principals to build a successful company from ground up includes hands-on experience in the field and in the laboratory on the agricultural side, as well as rapid software development in start-ups with tight resources on the ICT side. In the first eight months of FACT existence, our work was recognized by relevant professional community and accepted to appear at a reputable symposium with 65 years long tradition.

The company is conveniently located in Belgrade, Serbia, with an excellent university as the source of talented junior staff for a high-tech company. Additional staff will be hired after additional funds are secured. Low cost of labor and corporate tax among lowest in Europe insure low operating cost while EU as the target market insures high margin and profitability.

In order to bring its ideas and products to the market, FACT needs additional funding and is seeking investors/strategic partners. Details about the product and the business model will be furnished at a more advanced stage of talks with potential investors.
Dragomir Dimitrijevic