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Applied scientific research and technology transfer in support of fishing and agri-food enterprises
Agro-food sector
FIND srl is a Spin-off company of the University of Bari, recently founded by Prof. Centoducati and Dr Zacchino, in collaboration with a 25 years experienced technical team. The company serves the agri-food and aquaculture industry with integrated solutions, and implements projects that are focused on achieving production efficiency and sustainability following the most recent EU legislations, best practice guidelines and traceability. Current services range from a complete onshore and offshore fish farming for freshwater and marine species, from initial advice and consultancy, through to the design of facilities, to specific technical and market support programs for companies in the food supply chain. Furthermore, we offer training for the staff, to improve farm management and business, new product and market development strategy and funding research. Our team have outstanding practical experience: they can advise on the best approaches to fisheries management, tailored to the specific political, economic or social requirements of our customers following the most recent EU legislations. The company is also aiming to develop an Italian organic market for the two marine fish species which have characterized the development of marine aquaculture in the Mediterranean basin, gilthead sea bream and sea bass. Organic aquaculture has become more important as consumers have become more environmentally aware and concerned about sustainability and harmful impacts of aquaculture. Our target audience span the European and non-European countries, government and non-governmental organizations, national and international research centers and industry.
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FIND srl Spin-off dell\'Università di Bari