Name Surname Organisation or Company name (if any) Type of organisation Title Acronym or Abbreviation Main Theme Abstract (max 50 words) Representative Logo (if any)
Dragomir Dimitrijevic FACT innovative company Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology – FACT, Ltd. FACT Agriculture Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology - FACT, Ltd. Is a high-tech company that intends to develop the system that will manage end-to-end protocols defined by food safety bodies.
Natasa Milanovic BIOSIL ldt innovative company Organic beetroot juice Biosil Agro-food sector Biosil Ltd operates in the organic food industry.
Bojana Bekic Institute of Agricultural Economics competence center Strategies of agriculture and rural development IAE Agriculture Creation of agriculture and rural development strategies of municipalities and local ommunities in Serbia
Marko Kostic Chromosome Group Ltd. innovative company Plastic straws with liquid fertilizer for potted house plants feeding DUO CLICK Organic+ Agriculture Chromosome Group Ltd. is a young company that operates in the field of agriculture technology. It was founded with the intention to offer products that are based on the innovation of local experts, with a focus towards ecology, organic food production and
Ivan Karaman Agricultural Research and Project Services Ltd. innovative company Expert Agricultural Network EAN Agriculture Belgrade-based company Agricultural Research and Project Services doo (ARPS or “we” hereinafter) hereby describes its flagship project “Expert Agricultural Network” (EAN). A comprehensive and highly ambitious attempt to bridge many gaps in agricultural pr
Enrico Altini POLYXENA innovative company Polyxena Agriculture Polyxena is a non‐profit organization promoting safeguards, conservation and scientific research on butterflies and other insects trough environmental education.
Blaž Germšek Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in Agriculture–Food Safety and Traceability Agro-food sector Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a modern technology which is also being more and more enforced in agriculture. RFID is a technology for wireless data transfer between the reader (data collection centre) and the electronic smart label that measure
VALENTINA ZACCHINO FIND srl Spin-off dell\'Università di Bari aggregate public-private Applied scientific research and technology transfer in support of fishing and agri-food enterprises Agro-food sector
Cucina Mancina cucinaMancina s.r.l. innovative company cucinaMancina Agro-food sector cucinaMancina is a food community for special diets: allergic, vegetarian, diabetic, low sugar. we offer web and app based services with user generated contents: a multi-tag customizable recipe book, a GPS store locator for shops & restaurants for each di
MARIANGELA DI MODUGNO Ripartiamo dalla foglia innovative company Ripartiamo dalla Foglia Agro-food sector
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