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Name of the Agency
Tibiscus University of Timişoara
Agency Type
Research Centres
Year of agency establishment
Main activity
„Tibiscus” University of Timişoara operates according to a structure specific to the European university model. Its assumed mission is building-up and promoting cultural values and human civilization, science development and its embodiment.
By Law 484/11.07.2002, „Tibiscus” University was founded and accredited, being included (as a private higher-education institution) in the national education system of Romania. This gives students, graduates and employers of the institution access to all the national and international programs which are available within the higher education system.
Being member of AUDEM AUDEM - Alianţei Universităţilor pentru Democraţie (The Alliance of Universities for Democracy) and of EUA - Asociaţia Universităţilor Europene (The European University Association), indexed in the data basis of IAU – The International Association of Universities, „Tibiscus” University is pursues the major preoccupations for high quality upper-education, continuous building-up and training of specialists in legal, economic, artistic and socio-human fields, as well as in scientific research.
The University has adhered to Magna Charta of European Universities (also known as „The Bologna Declaration”). Since the (school-) year 2005/2006, the University has adopted the formula of organizing studies in (three-year) bachelor studies, followed by (two-year) master specialization, which open the perspective of continuing education on doctoral level. This structure was confirmed by The Decision of the Romanian Government No. 916/11.08.2005. Starting with the (school-) year 2007/2008, „Tibiscus” University has been part of the network of higher-education institutions, which participate in the Life Long Learning Programs, financed by the European Union (as a continuation of Erasmus – Socrates programs).
Six faculties are part of the University, each of them having a highly well-prepared teaching staff, as well as its own material basis which reaches the European requirements and exigencies.
The Departments, the chancellorship and the library are unitary laid-out in two buildings in the center of Timişoara, more exactly in the Student Campus area.
Future research plans
Anca Aurel