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Name of the Agency
Institute of Forage Crops
Agency Type
Technology & Innovation Centres
Year of agency establishment
Main activity
Complex Applied scientific research in the field of forage production
The Institute of Forage Crops was founded in 1954 as a National Centre for complex applied scientific research in the field of forage production. The Institute is situated in Central North Bulgaria, a region with traditions in agriculture.
The experimental work is conducted in two experimental fields, one greenhouse, and eight specialized laboratories.
The Institute of Forage Crops is a national centre for complex applied scientific research and development activities, advices and training in the fields of forage crop breeding, forage crop technology and ruminant nutrition. It is a scientific unit of the Agricultural Academy.
Main directions of the researches in the Institute of Forage Crops are:
- Breeding and seed production of forage crops;
- Technology and ecology of forage crops;
- Forage preservation, quality evaluation and utilization.
Future research plans
Enrichment of genetic diversity in forage peas (Pisum sativum L.) with regard to the selection
Method of testing for early weaning of lambs from breeds for milk and feeding systems
Exploring the possibilities for enrichment of genetic diversity in Sudan grass (Sorghum sudanense (Piper) Stapf.) Through the induction of mutations by gamma rays
Atanas Kirilov, prof.
00359 64 805882; 00359 889 400980